Frequently Asked Questions


I have added the spa is filled with fresh water and Aqua Perfect. The water now has a milky color. What is that?

This reaction is normal. Aqua Perfect start working and encapsulates the pollution in the water. As a result, the discoloration caused. This is common in spa `s been some time in use. The discoloration is, therefore, more intensive, because part of the pipes and hoses, has already formed a biofilm. Aqua Perfect solves this biofilm.

You should clean the next day the filters and extend the term of the filtration.

In general, the turbidity disappeared the next day. In some special cases, heavy water can be up to three days to look cloudy.


I added Aqua Perfect and has formed. Powdery white layer What is that?

That's a low excess calcium, which is converted by Perfect Aqua and excreted. If the water is very hard, this can be repeated.

You can layer simply wipe with a cloth. Increase the filter term, so that the calcium can be filtered out.


I use Aqua Perfect but I can smell the water anyway. Why is that?

In almost all cases, you do not smell the water, but the Sparand and isolation, between which the fluid is "sandwiched". This moisture is not cleaned and begins to spoil. This creates an unpleasant odor. It may also be that the filters are not cleaned properly, or longer than a week in use. Also, it creates a unpleasant odor.

Clean the spa regularly with a decontaminant. In rare cases, the dosage of Aqua Perfect was inadequate. In that case, you can increase the dose for a short time. Also ensure regular addition of Aqua Perfect. Also clean the filters regularly.


After using the filters Aqua Perfect dark. What is it and what can I do about it?

When Aqua Perfect is added to fresh water, the filters can not be filled brown. The brown coloring could be caused by calcium residues, or dissolved in the water, metals such as iron, copper or manganese.

Let the filters overnight in a cleaning solution weeks. The next day, rinse the filter thoroughly and then puts it another night in a chlorine solution. Thus proved the filters and get back to the original white color.


I use Aqua Perfect for about two months. At the Spa pool edge has formed. Pituitary an edge What is it and what can I do about it?

This is a biofilm. If you have an older spa, which has already been treated with other disinfectants that there is still a biofilm in the pipes. Biofilm is a bacterial colony, which is immune to disinfectants. Aqua Perfect destroys the colony slowly but surely. Shortly before the final destruction of the biofilm becomes loose from the pipe and enters the spa right where it is deposited on the walls. Sometimes this also occurs in the new Spa `s. It is then to a residue of water used in the factory for testing purposes in the pipes is filled.

Double the amount of Aqua Perfect. Within two days after this layer would be gone. You can also perform a shock treatment with inorganic chlorine.


How the filters are cleaned in the correct manner?

It is very important to soak. Twelve hours in a cleaning solution filters filters The cleaning filter soaked fats and oils from the filter.

To prevent the dirt particles in the filter in the water entering the filters must be cleaned thoroughly. After the water is changed, we recommend that the filters in the first week, then thoroughly rinse daily. With a water hose After changing the water can then occur in the first two weeks of heavy deposits in the filters.


Can I combine Aqua Perfect with other cleaners?

You can not combine Aqua Perfect with other detergents. Aqua Perfect will recognize each other through the water as a foreign substance and encapsulation. During this process also consumes Aqua Perfect. Therefore, the use of other cleaning agents are not desirable and it works even contrary ugly.

If you have used anyway chlorine or other cleaning these substances are degraded after two to three days, you can continue treatment with Aqua Perfect.


We wish you much pleasure and relaxing moments with Aqua Perfect!