Attention! What you need to know before using AquaPerfect®

Check a new bath for any remaining production or transportation pollutions. Clean an used bath first with a good Whirlpool cleaner and make sure no traces of polluted water will be in the whirlpool system, so rinse well. The volume of this bottle (1 liter) is sufficient for treating approx. 1500 liters of water in one month in normal circumstances.

AquaPerfect® keeps only good and fresh water in a top condition. Always start with clean bath and fresh drinking water from the waterworks. We strongly discourage the use of other water like spring water, rainwater or water which origin and whose composition is unknown.

Never add any chlorine if the water is treated with AquaPerfect ®. It is important that approx. 5% - 10% of the bathwater will be refreshed each month, before adding the AquaPerfect again.